Susanne Walser


Susanne Walser lives in Austria in the province of Vorarlberg.

She has been inspired to paint by nature itself, which she has been able to experience with her husband during wonderful flights in a glider, free-roaming the skies over the breath taking Austrian mountains cape. The aesthetics of a glider following the laws of nature always touch her. The glider moves freely and swiftly through the air, its movements determined by the weather and by the  currents of the air, being one with the flow of nature.

In her paintings the usually vibrant colors flow and mingle in seemingly random patterns until they come up against boundaries. When applying the pouring technique the colors flow completely unrestricted at first, but through the act of setting boundaries a unique piece of art is created at the fine line between order and chaos, a fertile duality giving rise to patterns and shapes.

Susanne has taken several courses on watercolor and oil painting. Through various platforms on the internet she became aware of acrylic painting and she was fascinated by the many possibilities this technique has to offer. Subsequently she was able to acquire her current technique auto-didactically.