Robert Olszowski


Born in Paczkowie (Dolny Śląsk).

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Graphics. He obtained his diploma in the studio of prof. Andrzej Pietsch in 1995. For many years he has been dealing with painting and graphics. For her works, she uses both classical techniques (acrylic, canvas) and experimental techniques (foil, collage).

Participation in exhibitions:

1994 – “Mechanisms” graphic competition, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow (first prize)
1994 – Fan design competition, Paris, France (second award)
1995 – “Test print”, “Jan Fejkiel Gallery”, Krakow
1995 – “Work of the Year “, ZPAP, Katowice
1995 – “2nd Biennale of Young Artists”, Skopje, Macedonia
1996 – “Pencil, coal, pen”, ZPAP, Katowice (first prize)
1996 – “Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing”, Lubaczów
1998 – “Work of the Year”, ZPAP, Katowice (first prize)
1999 – “Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing”, Lubaczów (honorary mention)
2001 – “Traces of travel, students and friends”, BWA, Bielsko-Biała
2003 – “Image of the Year” – 100 best paintings of the Art & Business monthly, Xawery Dunikowski Museum (Królikarnia), Warsaw
2004 – “Time and Space”, “Galeria Gołogórski”, Krakow
2004 – “Nude, Tango”, “Gołogórski Gallery”, Krakow
2005 – “First Beskidzkie Integration”, Wisła
2006 – “Image of the Year” – 100 best paintings of the Art & Business monthly, Hotel “Europejski”, Warsaw
2006 – “Time and Space”, “Forma Gallery”, Warsaw
2006 – “International Print Triennial”, “Bunker of Art”, Krakow
2006 – “Time and Space Two Years Later”, “Gołogórski Gallery”, accompanying exhibition at the “International Print Triennial”, Krakow
2007 – “International Print Triennial”, Kunsthaus, Vienna, Austria
2008 – “Time and space”, gallery “Artpark”, Linz, Austria
2008 – Let’s Talk, Museum of Polish Art in America, Chicago, USA
2010 – “Time and space”, BWA, Rzeszów
2010 – Participation in the 2nd Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting “Autumn Confrontations”, BWA, Rzeszów
2010 – “Autumn confrontations”, Gallery “Umelcov Spis”, Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia
2010 – Participation in the 2nd International Biennale of Digital Art, Gdynia City Museum, Gdynia
2011 – “Autumn confrontations”, BWA, Zamość
2011 – “Time and space”, “Galeria Podlaska”, Biała Podlaska
2011 – “Time and space”, BWA, Sandomierz
2011 – “WORLD FINE ART GROUP”, “Caelum Gallery”, New York, USA
2011 – “Time and space”, gallery “Lamelli”, Krakow
2011 – Participation in an art fair, gallery “BB”, Essen, Germany
2011 – “Time and space”, gallery of the Krakow University of Technology, Krakow
2012 – “Time and space”, BWA, Krosno 2012 – “Time and space”, BWA, Nowy Sącz
2012 – “Time and Space”, City Art Gallery “Galeria Bałucka”, Łódź
2012 – Participation in the 3rd International Digital Graphics Biennale, Design Center, Gdynia
2012 – Participation in the “RING” art fair, “BB” Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Wrocław
2013 – “Time and Space”, Contemporary Art Gallery “Chłodna 20”, Regional Center of Culture and Art, Suwałki
2014 – “Time and space”, BWA, Olkusz
2014 – Participation in the Contemporary Polish Drawing Triennial, Lubaczów (nomination), Museum in Lubaczów
2014 – “Time and Space”, Museum of Dwory Karwacjanów and Gładyszów, Gorlice
2014 – Participation in the 4th International Digital Printing Biennale, Design Center, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia
2015 – “Time and Space”, Center for Contemporary Art, Andrzej Strumiłło Gallery, Branch of the Suwałki Museum.
2015 – Post-competition exhibition of the 8th Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Gallery SCK Centrum Kultury in Mielec
2015 – Post-competition exhibition of the 8th Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, “Test” Gallery, Warsaw
2015 – “Antidote” exhibition, “Stolarska / Krupowicz Gallery”, Warsaw
2016 – “Time and space”, gallery “Ciasna”, Jastrzębie Zdrój,
2016 – “W kręgu Maciejewskiego” ASP Gallery, Bronowice, Krakow,
2016 – “Time and Space”, “Night of Museums”, “Pomerania”, Science and Technology Park, Szczecin,
2017 – “Time and space”, Center for Culture and Art, Kalisz,
2017 – Media Art Biennale, addiction to art, diploma of excellence, Media Museum, London,
2019 – 6th International Digital Printing Biennial – Gdynia,
2019 – International online competition ” Artavita ” – certificate of excellence, New York,
2019 – online competition ‘Circle foundation’ – finalist certificate, Lyon, France,
2019 – online competition ‘Circle foundation’ – finalist certificate, Lyon, France,
2020 – online competition ‘Circle foundation’, artist of the year, honorable mention, Lyon, France,
2020 – Stolarska Gallery, Krupowicz – collective exhibition, ” Art rescue ” – Warsaw,
2020 – 10th ‘Polish Contemporary Drawing Triennial’ – honorable mention, award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Lubaczow, Poland,
2020 – ”World of Art” – magazine, artist of the year,
2021 – ”The best contemporary artists of 2021” – a book published by art curators Francesco and Salvatore Russo,
2021 – 10-st “Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing” – “Test” gallery, Warszawa,
2021 – 1-st “International Biennial Art” – “Effetto” Gallery, Palermo, Italy,
2021 – book “Art universal, the great encyclopedia of international art”, curatored Francesco and Salvatore Russo,
2021 – 6-st “Tokyo International Art Fair” – Bellesalle Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan,
2022 – Participation in art fair “Art Expo”, New York, USA.
2022 – “Truth” – group exhibition, Big Screen Plaza, New York, USA,
2022 – “Truth” – group exhibition, Art House gallery, New York, USA,
2022 – Participation in the 7th International Triennial of Digital Graphic, Gdańsk, Poland,
2022 – Receiving an International Artistic Award for special artistic values – “Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre”, Marais, Paris, France, Curators; dott. Francesco Saviero Russo, Salvatore Russo,