Myriam Azoulay-Naim


After several years in a large bank financial department, I decided to devote myself entirely to my passion, painting.

Self-taught, I started in 1996 with oil paint and brushes. I reproduced existing works, to train and familiarize myself with this technique. I also tried dry pastels, worked with fingers. Then I painted my own paintings, always in oil, and always a little more abstract. I loved working in oils, but it’s extremely long to dry. I really enjoyed painting, but a part of me was missing…

So I put painting aside for several years. My art was reborn after facing events in my life. Painting becomes a liberating, almost meditative act that brings out repressed emotions.

Since November 2021, acrylic colors replaced oil, which dry more quickly and allow faster and more immediately work. Knives, rollers and fingers take the place of brushes for a more material painting.

When I start a work, I let myself be guided by deep feelings and passions, without having an idea of how the painting will look in the end.

And finally comes that moment of grace when I feel inhabited by an intense and powerful emotion, and there, my fingers guide me. I don’t think about what I’m going to do, I express with passion a very deep feeling in me.

And only then do I feel satisfaction in my work, the joy and the need to show it. I finally feel that my paintings are and reveal a part of me.

Art becomes interesting when it is guided by an emotion, by passion, and not by reflection, I think. This is also why I place so much importance on the title I choose for each painting, because it reflects what I want to convey.

I represent emotions that everyone can feel but is afraid to show. Looking at them, the viewer feels those hidden feelings resurface, processes them and feels more relieved.

For this reason, I am delighted to be able to expose my art on social media, and every message of congratulations is a real support and encouragement. That’s why I hope with all my heart to be able to make it known to an even larger public.