Loretta Agostini


Loretta Agostini, originally from Lucca, currently lives in Montecatini Alto in the province of Pistoia. Self-taught, she arrived in painting after fifty years and a course of different studies and professions. You have participated in various group exhibitions in Milan, Genoa, Rivalta sul Mincio, Caprigliola, Barletta, Palermo, Cesenatico, Rome, Bologna, Acquedolci. She is present on several publications of Art Now, ArtExpo, Dantebus Bazart, Pagine, Artisti 21 Mondadori Store, Art Leader, Catalog of Contemporary Art 21 Cairo publisher, Vittorio Sgarbi Prize, L ‘art in Quarantine, Giorgio Mondadori. She has participated in various competitions La couler d ‘un poeme-Journey to Addis Ababa- Dantebus Bazart.

Always in conflict for many ideals: equality of all kinds, respect between people, solidarity, freedom, political social commitment (she was also a city councilor for five years), respect for the planet, respect for animals with specific attention to the feline world and to the swallows. Woman, little believed because she is a woman. She studied, took a degree in pedagogy at the Magisterium of Genoa, while she was an employee in a paper industry. Her father who was a truck driver found me the job on the fly, not by chance, but for intelligence. For sixteen years Loretta slept little, she studied a lot, like many others, if we wanted to be “person” instead of a silent and obsequious ornament, naturally and conventionally obliged only to certain specific tasks. Thanks to this and despite this the time came to leave the province of Lucca and venture into the province of Pistoia, always a province, however, in another municipality, that of Montecatini Terme, in a particular environment, that of the guesthouse of the Monastery of Santa Maria in Ripa. Here, at the age of thirty-six, while she was a teacher, she met Cadeau, a special kitten who, as a guardian angel, showed me new paths. Now she is retired, she lives with cats, she paints for herself and for them, but also for this extraordinary environment in which she has the privilege of living. Loretta is an elderly person, but she believes she still has to give and receive.