Jerome Plutino


Self-taught painter revealed 13 years ago, has always been attracted by a certain imaginary and original side since his earliest childhood.his sensitivity allows him to create, innovate and imagine by letting himself be transported by micro-pigmentations with varied colors, all as mysterious as each other.

Her works, sumptuous mixture of sensuality, emotion and elegance, attract a certain look. They are the reflection of his personality, sometimes narcissistic, sometimes extroverted.

Born in a French-Italian family, his mother, a painter in her spare time, introduced him to this world through her painting classes, and he is very close to his mother and sister, who are his pillars. His grandfather taught him a lot, knowledge, the dangers of life, he always knew how to find the right words to guide him.

In the years 2000/2009, following a very big emotional shock, without knowing it, Jerome’s life will take an unexpected turn, He launched in 2018 the series <CLAIRE, the woman with the cape; which met a great success with women mainly. Other series were born, just like jade and fusion and the series i break the codes.

 Since Jerome has come a long way to find his true nature, mixing different paintings to give them life, he has collaborated with two magazines, one in Italy and the second in Madrid between 2020 and 2021.

During 2020 he partnered with the designer Naturambois to imagine an innovative and original concept, created a work with driftwood and lighting, a first copy came out and immediately found its audience, two more copies were created afterwards and a fourth one is being created a series entitled LumioN’AT

In 2021, he begins to collaborate with the company infuzzion event with which he does a lot of live painting, openings, he also had the opportunity to participate in the yachting show in September 2021, and to design a reproduction of a yacht <The Panam>.