Giuseppe Palazzo


Giuseppe Palazzo was born in Palermo in 1964, years in which the city was in full cultural ferment and laid the foundations of the society we live in today. He decides to satisfy his hunger for art by obtaining the Diploma of Master of Art at the State Institute of Art (1981/82) and the Diploma of Applied Art (1983/84); he continues with the Diploma in “Painting License” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo (1990/91).

He approaches painting and photography at an early age: means that allowed him to immortalize what his eye saw daily and what his soul experienced. He explores the different artistic techniques preferring oil pastels, graphite and sanguine, but always arriving at oil paint (which today has evolved into acrylic paint with brilliant shades). He explores different styles, always keeping to visionary scenarios, figures with undefined characters and with the clear intention of inviting us to look beyond what appears before our eyes.

Despite his introverted personality, the artist lets his works speak for themselves. Over the years he has exhibited several times in Italy, focusing above all on his region of origin as well as a perennial source of inspiration: Sicily. Some examples: 12th international conference Art and Poetry ’87 – 3rd Altarello Painting Competition ’88 – Extemporaneous Painting 8th Asla Cits Sferracavallo Competition ’86.

Many of his early works trapped moments of daily life, up to more mature works that with a critical eye fixed on the canvas the foundations of a still evolving contemporaneity.