Giada Boscolo


Giada has always loved to paint and draw. Ever since she was a child she was obsessed with Van Gogh’s famous work “The Vase of Sunflowers” and she drew it in many ways. From that moment her love for art was born. In that moment she found the only way to truly express herself since she is a person who has difficulty expressing and talking about her emotions. In each of Giada’s arworks there is a piece of her past, her emotions and her point of view.


Virtual expo Orizzonti: from 18 March 2022 to 20 April 2022 – curated by Beatrice Cordaro 

Libera22 virtual expo –  June 15 / 25, 2022 curated by Beatrice Cordaro and Erika Gaetani

Video exhibition and lithographic exhibition at the Made4Art gallery (Brera) on the occasion of the international art award E=mc2 – 16 / 30 June 2022 curated by Pitturiamo

Feel 3D Virtual exhibition and metaverse – 19 Dec 2022 / 10 Jan 2023 curated by Beatrice Cordaro – Art Maison Gallery