Elisabeth Schwandter

  • Since 2001: I have been educated in painting at the Künstlerische Volkshochschule Lazarettgasse, Vienna“ by Dr. Eva Vorpagel-Redl, Mag. Herbert Pasiecnyk, Mag. Karl Schnetzinger and Mag. Norbert Trummer.
  • 2004: Certificate in painting.
  • June 2008: successful finish of another 3 years education in sculpturing by Karl Martin Sukopp, a well named viennese sculpture artist.
  • I have partecipated in various single and common art presentations. I like to paint mostly objectively, in artistical freedom, using all mediums like oil, acrylics, aquarell and egg-tempera. The nature is the model for my naturalistic, partly abstract, colourful paintings. The colour is the child of light and dark“ (J. W. Goethe). My sculpturing works are made of different materials: concret, stones and sometimes Ytong (a light constructing brick) usually created out of my phantasie.