DoJoong Jo

About DoJoong Jo

Soil is the source of all life and the hometown of our hearts. However, modern people who are accustomed to asphalt and concrete are forgetting the existence and meaning of soil.

Soil is our motherhood, our living ground, and a resting place to return to when we die. From the soil life springs up, and it spreads its branches, blossoms, and bears fruit without haste. return to the ground So the soil is nature, humility, faith, and waiting.

The artist says that there is no nation on earth that will reject this soil because there is no human being who does not know that ‘soil contains the mother’s heart’ through any ethnic group in ‘America, Africa, Europe, or Asia’.

So, I made the most original work with the most Korean and most pan-human
materials ,and I said that I wanted to paint a picture that moves people like the unchanging soil.