Cristiana Bianchi


Cristiana Bianchi was born in the province of Lucca, where she still lives and has her studio. Since she was a child, she has been immersed in the art world, thanks to her grandfather, a decorator, and she starts drawing very early. She graduated from the Passaglia Art Institute in Lucca and began working as an interior decorator and restorer, following her grandfather’s “silent gestures”, technical skills and particular chromatic research. At the same time she continues to experiment with different artistic languages, ranging from charcoal to oil painting, dedicating herself above all to portraits and landscapes. She begins to exhibit in 2004. In researching the theme of the portrait, in charcoal but above all in oil, the artist wants to free herself from aesthetic beauty and concentrate his attention on the meaning of looks and body postures, a silent but eloquent language. The artworks that Cristiana Bianchi creates as a decorator are characterized by a refined and meticulous technique, which takes its cue from the tradition of Renaissance palaces, from Baroque elements and from the Art Nouveau style, enriching each image with a personal sensitivity, creating from time to time original solutions that distinguish her style. Starting from the observation of nature, she paints with bright and bright colors, sinuous lines and sharp contrasts. In particular, the small naturalistic pieces have a particular delicacy and elegance, which renew the decorative language by interweaving it with that of the past. Another series of artworks is dedicated to the landscape and is made in oil on canvas, a technique particularly loved by the artist for the brightness, depth of the colors and the versatility of the line. The landscapes are glimpses above all related to the theme of water. In some works, water is a symbol of energy, change and vitality, it is depicted in its impetuous, tumultuous and unstoppable flow. Or it appears as calm as a mirror, where, for example, abandoned and timeless boats rest; a melancholy aspect, linked to the past, but above all an introspective and symbolic vision shines through, like the representation of silent surfaces, below which a world to be discovered is hidden, where those who do not stop at the outward appearance of what can penetrate that you meet in life. Cristiana Bianchi paints nature so that everyone can mirror themselves in the depths of the soul. Her signature is a hummingbird, which represents delicacy and energy together, intense color and refinement, the joy of living and the passion to create works with technique and with the heart.