Carrie MeeRan Towey


Carrie MeeRan is a Korean American visual artist from Seattle, WA. Her paintings are about transformation and healing. She draws and paints with a variety of mediums including acrylic, pastel & charcoal. She started spontaneously drawing after a traumatic life event when she was 19. She started showing in 2000 at Gallery 110 in Pioneer Square. She won an award of national merit for one of her drawings. She had 3 solo gallery shows there and group shows. Carrie has traveled extensively, lived and taught abroad in Europe and Asia. She loves culture and music. She is a classically trained pianist, published poet, and was an English instructor for several years. Carrie is a devoted wife and mother to two beautiful children. She distills emotions and life experiences into her art. Her art explores the balance of darkness and light within us and in this world.