About Art Maison

Art maison is a virtual art gallery that aims to exhibit works of art by international artists and promote them all over the world through virtual exhibitions, individual promotion of the artist, critical art texts and social communication.
Art maison gallery is part of Studioarte22 founded in 2020 by Beatrice Cordaro, art historian and curator.
Studioarte22 deals with offering numerous services to artists: consulting services, social media marketing, sale of works, artist portfolio, art criticism, coefficient evaluation, statemant and much more.
Virtual exhibitions used to be organized under the name of Studioarte 22, but after a year it came to the understanding that a virtual art gallery had to have its own space.
Thus, Art maison gallery was born.
The French term maison was chosen because there is a desire to stand out and offer an even more refined, elegant and sophisticated exhibition service.

Our values


Our goal is to promote every form of art and create personalized exhibition itineraries. It is possible to participate in group exhibitions, sharing spaces with other artists, or request an online exhibition or project that is specific to your art.


Our Art Maison aims to exhibit artists from all over the world.
We believe in the inclusive power of art, in its ability to bring all people together and make everyone equal.


We are attentive to the needs of artists. Every detail is carefully taken care of: from the discussion with the artist to the selection of the works, from the setting up to the creation of the catalogue.
We want to offer a rewarding and satisfying experience to all the artists who will rely on us.


We put commitment and skills into our work.
Both the artistic and the commercial fields (for possible sales) see the work of specialized professionals.